Firefighters Against Cancer and Exposures ( FACES ) is dedicated to helping firefighters, who have been diagnosed with cancer, and have not met their deductible through insurance. FACES is a partnership of firefighters and team members from the Laboratory for Advanced Medicine, who through their work with the fire service, recognized a strong need. Families who are experiencing a cancer diagnosis undergo extreme stress, mentally, physically and financially. While many support groups provide mental and emotional support, very few focus on the financial support that many families so badly need. 100% of FACES fundraising will go towards supporting these families and easing the financial burden of medical expenses. These funds are intended to help the families, not only with their medical bills but in any manner that eases their financial strain. 


Firefighters and their families dedicate their lives and lifestyles to save others; it is our turn to help them. Heroum Animas Salvas. Save the Lives of Heroes. 

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TX Department Gets Attention for Cancer Screenings

The Bedford Fire Department has gained some national attention for providing the funds to get cancer screenings for its firefighters.

The city approved the funding for the screenings after the department lost four current or former members to cancer in recent years.